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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 07:24

Good Coordination for DOT at Work Place

A young lady of 36 years old currently working in a garment factory of CATA project, is one day asking CATA to have TB free treatment. On the 23 August 2011, CATA with the support from FHI conducted an appraisal assessment at one factory of the Project. After accomplishment of interview, a young lady came to us and asking help for TB free treatment. She had TB and paid a little amount to HC staff at a HC nearby her house for allowing her to have treatment at home without DOT. Before going to HC, she spent a lot of money to private clinic but she paid for nothing, she said. She hid current TB status because of self-stigmatize, so she went to HC nearby and tries to get TB medicine for self treatment, but now she cannot continue to pay more and asking help for free treatment. We are happy for her appearance and try to explain her about TB and benefit gained from DOT at work place with free of charge and then ,after a short time of arrangement with stake holder, the patient can be transfer to the HC of the project and TB drug are provided to store at factory clinic for daily DOT with factory health staff. She was happy as she aware TB and get free treatment at work place.

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